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Carmichael Online Marketing ServicesJeff McIlhenny

I started in real estate in 2006 and am currently licensed as a Realtor and Broker. At the beginning of my real estate career I realized the importance of online marketing to generate business. Since then I have been a student of marketing and learned from one of the leading experts on online marketing/SEO.

I have experience in creating websites to attract and capture business. I also have experience with SEO, backlinking, blogging, social media, email marketing and video marketing, as well as many traditional, offline marketing techniques. I have also been mentored by some of the leading experts in local business online marketing and online medical marketing.

picDominica Alicia

I am a digital marketing strategist and trainer. My life is inspired by my beloved Grandpa, who was my first business mentor. I believe that only hard work and knowledge that comes from training will make you succeed, not running your business like a lottery or relying on an inheritance, or some “get rich quick” scheme.

I help business leaders to find their true passion and use it to inspire and connect to their target audience according to this simple rule: “Like me. Know me. Trust me. Pay me.” <Joel Comm>. If you are a confused and overwhelmed entrepreneur or small business owner, seeking for support to figure out how to create, plan and implement digital media strategy, how to measure it and monetize it, I am here to help.



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